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Low Power Short-range Wireless

Nordic has two decades of leadership in Bluetooth Low Energy solutions, including Bluetooth Mesh, Thread, Zigbee, ANT and proprietary 2.4Ghz protocol.

Suas soluções de SoC integrado com Bluetooth 5.2 permitem rodar todos os tipos de aplicações, incluindo Direction Finding e BLE Audio.

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BLE | Mesh | Direction Finding | Thread | Zigbee | Proprietary 2.4Ghz

Beacons | LED Illumination | Industrial Automation | Connected Health | Connected Home | Automotive

Low Power Cat-M1 | NB-IoT | GPS

Nordic nRF9160 is a compact and extremely low-power solution for LTE communication, with ANATEL certification.

It features an application-exclusive ARM Corex-M33, low-power LTE modem complete with GPS, RF Front End and internal PMIC, making it a highly integrated, low-power solution.

More info: nRF9160 | Development Kit

Bluetooth LE 5.0 Module

Fujitsu's FWM7BLZ20B module features Nordic's nRF52832 chip and firmware compatible with Bluetooth LE 5.0 in Central and Peripheral functions.

More info: Data Sheet

Beacons and Sensor Beacons Bluetooth LE 5.0

The BLE 5.0 Beacons bring low power consumption combined with high communication rates, adverstising LE, supporting remote configuration including FOTA.

The multi-function sensor version includes temperature, humidity, air pressure, luminance, 3-axis accelerometer and sound level sensors. Multiple sensors in different combinations can be used for monitoring environments.

Also check out the Wirepas version, enabling functions such as indoor positioning by mesh network.

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Beacon | Sensor Embedded Beacon | Mesh Unit / Mesh Sensor Unit

Ceramic Embedded antennas, patch antennas and helical antennas.
2G/3G/4G | GNSS | WiFi/BT/Zigbee | ISM

Internal PCB and FPC antennas with cable and connector


.Custom and High-Performance LDSFluidANTFlex, Sheet Metal, NFC and Wireless Charging coils.  

Created by Hirose in 1999, the U.FL connector is the standard for RF connections up to 6GHz, having additional evolution options such as the miniaturization offered by the X.FL.  
More info:Catalog

The FL CoaxBridge solution facilitates the design of the IoT product, allowing for a reduction of space in the connection of external boards/modules and antennas, with agility in production.
More info: FL CoaxBridge


3-Sensor Micropower Combo including Accelerometer and Temperature Sensor
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Programmable I2C Battery Charger with Power Path and USB Mode Compatibility 
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Energy Meter with Self Calibration
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